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  • Briana

    um sorry isolde(or whatever it is) te amo was not leaked onto the internet before the cd…the video was not created until april(i shuld kno im a border line stalker of rihanna) and the song was one of the last songs she recorded (photographs being the last song) before you post something on the internet make sure it is correct……..and about the video, people dont realize vids. are just mini movies. ever hear of a 6 letter word called ACTING??? and even if she was bi, lez, what ever whose business is it any way….I love u rih rih Aug 28 is the set date…cant wait to see u <3

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, you’re incorrect. Te Amo did leak way back in 2009. Way before Deuces came out. Isolde is right. People were shocked when it came out on the CD because it had been out for so long. But in Chris’ defense (not that he should get it), Sean Kingston’s Dutty Rock sounds similar too. It’s just that sounds. Also, her last song was The Last Song. She said she had a deadline that day and just drank some wine and sang her heart out. And you can hear it in the final cut of it.

      – RihFan

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