Singer Solange serenades her son and children all over the world singing “Momma Loves Baby” on Nickelodeon’s “Yo Gabba Gabba” kids show. She’s super cute in the adorable yellow spotted dress she’s been shown wearing in her Twitter profile picture, pop eye makeup and her signature low cut. You know Juelz is going to love watching this! According to Solange’s Twitter she’s taken a summer home to record her third album. We can’t wait to hear new music from the proud mom! Happy’s Mother’s Day Solo!

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  • Keebo

    Awwhhhh… >.< . My niece and I watched the video – She loves Yo Gabba Gabba.

  • Lo’rann

    Oh no… this is wrong in many ways. I wish Solange would leave the singing to her sister.

  • Channing

    Everytime I see that guy i just can’t stop laughing, his look is so comical to me, but i guess that’s part of what makes it so engaging. The first time I flipped past this show I flipped back, laughing and ended up watching the whole episode, and it’s happend on more than one occasion, one time i was showing my friend on a commecial, and we never did get back to the show we were watching lol…

    This was very cute, its nice to see solange out doing her thang.