From Black Voices — Where do you draw the line between a woman who likes men with money versus a woman who might as well call herself a prostitute? Tiger Woods’ alleged ex-mistress, Rachel Uchitel, claims that she’s not a hooker or a madam in a recent article that chronicles the blurring lines of whoredom. But this contradicts reports that she is more than happy to let a wealthy man like Tiger Woods fill her bank account on account of their sexual affair. Here, sex and money are inextricably linked, even if the woman is in denial about it.

Then again, there are some women who are not so quick to associate with the oldest profession, like actress LisaRaye. Although I would never accuse Raye of engaging in the act of prostitution, she raised some eyebrows when describing her own relationships, which are always based, in part, on her getting money, access to power and gifts.

“Every man that I have ever dated has always been powerful, had money and been generous to me,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “My father was my first introduction to power. I am attracted to power. So when people always ask me why you always date a man with money, why in the hell wouldn’t I? I have my own lifestyle. It’s like, I’m not going for less than what I have. If I can’t be spoiled because he is not that generous, loving and caring, I don’t want you.” It’s not the loving and caring part that makes people wonder. It’s the generous part that has men questioning if money is the most basic requirement necessary to get into LisaRaye’s heart. Is this just a natural part of attraction, or are there women who are so focused on money that they can’t remember what love is all about? Let’s also be honest: Many women don’t have a problem with what LisaRaye said, whether they admit it or not. So the idea of linking love and money is perfectly fine for many women, and even some men. Continue reading @ Black Voices!

Photo Source: Black Voices

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