From The BVX — On Mother’s Day, we show our appreciation for the women who nurtured us, gave us guidance and raised us right. But if the gyrating, cursing and violent kids in these videos are any reflection of their mothers’ parenting skills then someone needs to alert Child Protective Services ASAP.

We don’t advocate breaking up families, but if you’re the kind of mom that’s so comfortable with her kid cursing like a sailor or dancing like a miniature stripper that she’ll tape it for posterity and post it on the Internet, then maybe parenting isn’t for you. Just sayin’. There’s a fine line between a cute kid imitating an adult and one that’s doing something totally inappropriate. Here are a few parental failures that won’t be getting Mother’s Day cards from us this Sunday.

WARNING: This post contains cursing and suggestively gyrating children, which means its probably not so work-friendly. Use headphones and watch your back!


Having a pole in the basement is usually the sign of a good girlfriend, but when your little one starts swinging from the rafters like LisaRaye in ‘The Players Club’, there’s a problem. It’s not even like this little girl’s mistaken the pole for monkey bars ’cause she’s clearly shaking her moneymaker Pampers like a pro. This makes the R. Kelly sex tape look like a Disney flick.


It’s bad enough having two little girls gyrating to a song dedicated to women with a “donk,” but the adult in the director’s chair is actually yelling out directions to the youngsters to get low and pop it. I guess bending over in a skirt wasn’t unladylike enough. On a side note, why isn’t there any furniture in this house? Just sayin’.


What looked like a noble act of a mother trying to break up a fight her daughter clearly lost quickly spirals into mama slap boxing with the other girl. I’m all for a parent defending their child, but throwing bows and pulling hair with a kid half your size is uncalled for. C’mon, mom, it doesn’t have to be your kid for someone to call child abuse.

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