On “The Bisexual Woman: Hip Hop’s Shug Avery”

Crackatopia said:

“This female bisexuality thing going on in the media is NOT an example of female empowerment. If that was the case, then LESBIANISM would be glorified. Lesbianism is not desirable in the media because it totally leaves men out of the equation. And in this sexist world that is a big no-no. Because women are supposed to be creatures that can’t make decisions for themselves, hence why bisexuality is a big staple for women more than lesbianism because it portrays a more confused image of a woman. This has nothing to do with women being in charge, it has everything to do with men liking it. When they start singing about women being in a loving relationship with one another then talk to me, but until then I don’t believe this is about “women being in charge” one bit. Yes females are more sexually liberated now-a-days but only to the degree of a mans desire.

Women talking about how they like to see other women is okay in the media but I would love to see the day when one talks about a guy on guy experience, oh man, the uproar that will cause!

On “Skip Gates Exposes Immaturity in Black America”

Lk Wil said:

“the only problem i have with Gates is that he is so loyal to history that he has forgotten to be loyal to his people. history is not black and white…the problem with our view of the trans-Atlantic slave trade is that we seem not to understand that Africa is a continent, which has numerous countries, which house a variety of cultures. so did Africa play apart in the slave trade, of course they did, but details are needed as to why. for example, our conversion as black folk was two fold. a lot of us think Islam is the black man’s true religion, but that was the religion most of our people had converted to prior to the slave trade, and we converted to Catholicism (Christianity) once we were sold to Europeans. hence, what are the two dominant religions among our people in the world…Christianity and Islam. Gates, like most intellectuals, serve their own interests first….so the best way to fight mis representation is to study and research for yourself….the lie always contains the truth.”

On “She’s Gotta Have It”

Stephanie Morgan said:

“I have previously been in a “friends with benefits” relationship with a man and to this day, I will say it was the most carefree, drama free relationship I have ever been in. At the time, my focus was on school, and work but I wanted and needed companionship and sex but did not want to be a couple with a man. I didn’t have THAT type of time or dedication. And if I ever speak on this man now, I refer to him as my “ex boyfriend” because men can not handle a woman who being single and doing her thing.

I find the problem is finding someone who wants the same thing you do and who is ACCEPTING of a “relationship” of this nature. I also find it confusing to be on the hunt looking for “the one” while sleeping with the “good enough for now”.

What’s funny is…if you have a boyfriend, a lot of men are more than willing to sleep with you on the side…but when you are single, and trying to have fun? Oh you’re a hoe.”

On “Property of Sallie Mae”

Chai said:

“I’m floatin in the same boat, and finally made the decision to go back for my Masters earlier this year. The fear of accumulating even more debt kept me from even thinking about pursuing further education…but it was a desire that just wouldn’t go away.

This go around I smarted up by looking up additional scholarship information, asking my employer about reimbursement options and not freaking out every time a repayment coupon packet arrives in my mailbox. I constantly think of how unfair it all is…this country is overfilled with young ppl. who are saddled with an obscene amount of student loan debt, and no one’s willing to aide us but ourselves.

It’s very much a lesson learned….the hard way. It’s also a bit comforting to know that you aren’t the only one riding the student loan boat…”

On “Media Notes for A Holistic Image of Black Women?”

Observer said:

“A media by Black women for Black women is what we need.”

On “The Pros & Cons of Having a Plan B”

thefayce said

“HAHA I love it! I just got out of an abusive relationship and the man I’m with now witnessed the whole thing. he was DEF not a plan B, not even a plan….it just worked out and I couldn’t be happier. I would say that emotional cheating is still cheating—any time you prospect that you’re going to be romantically involved with someone outside of your relationship, you’re cheating, even if it’s during a breakup–and usually those plan B’s don’t work, but if you’re lucky you might end up like me and have a friend who becomes a lover. Just be good and live well and everything else will take care of itself.”

On “Not Only is Gabby Sidibe ‘Too Big,’ She’s ‘Too Diva'”

Clnmike said:

“Seems like everyone is expecting her to be extra appreciative to fans as if she owes them something more then an autograph and a smile. Fans and the media can be overbearing and pop up at the most inconvenient time. She has a right to be in a mood, it’s not like she has been doing this Hollywood thing for years.”

On this week’s discussion topic, “Dwyane Wade’s Wife Sues Gabrielle Union, Is This Wrong?”

opinionatedgalnyc said:

“The suit is absurd, in my opinion. D Wade can determine what his children are exposed to (appropriate or not) when they are with him. If this case had any validity (which is doesn’t) she should be suing D Wade for those charges, he’s their guardian, not Gabby.

I dated someone who was separated from his wife and they had a 5 y/o son. One day, the child’s mother made the claim that her son reported that I hit him (I have never hit a child and don’t believe in hitting.) I told her if she continued with the allegations, I’d seek legal representation to defend myself. She later dropped the claims. When my BF and I spoke with his son later, he said that his mother told him “not to like me.”

Siovaughn seems to be resorting to tactics that are not going to benefit anyone in the end. It’s a shame.”

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