Looks like the ambitious Tyra Banks has set her sights on “America’s Next Top Media Mogul.” After ending her successful talk show, the former supermodel scores a three-book deal with Delacorte Press for a YA fantasy series titled Modelland.

The series geared towards the tween market is scheduled for a summer 2011 release. The concept reportedly couples “Top Model” and “Harry Potter” focusing on a teen who works her way into an elite academy for “Intoxibels las”–the most exceptional models to known to humankind who have unknown powers. When there, she finds herself competing to be accepted into their world.

Tyra Banks says she choose to pen the series after offering input and notes on another project. The former supermodel states, “I have this notebook I write everything in and started working on titles and breaking down characters. I knew I didn’t want it to be some autobiography–I wanted to create a fantastical place.”

Banks says she sees the series turning into a feature franchise and there is already interest from studios. The “America’s Next Top Model” creator and producer says she’s writing true literature that can be adapted into film by her company Bankable Productions.

Is there anything Tyra can’t do?

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  • AJ

    That is hands down the best representation of what a lace front should NOT look like. When your weave has fake ‘baby’ hairs in the front that’s when its a wrap ladies.

    • hehe

      but with that said it is sad that a woman of color is setting an example that anything is possible, for young women the world over, and all this little black girl has to talk about is what a f*&king lacefront should or should not look like!!!!

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  • Lava

    Tyra annoys the peanut butter and jelly out of me.