Did you spot Lady Gaga in Kelis’ grey hair at the Prada Met Ball after party? We did! Perhaps this is a weight-less comparison. I don’t care. At least until I make my point. If you read New York Magazine’s fashion blog The Cut, then you know Amy Odell loves nothing more than to compare every fashionista on earth to Lady Gaga. When Kelis wore that Avatar-like getup back in January, The Cut went in on Kelis claiming she purposely tried to copy Lady Gaga’s style. Amy said: “You are not Lady Gaga, and this attempt at avant-garde fashion doesn’t compare to her get-ups.” Ouch! You say? Well, that’s what we said. Just recently our good ole pal Amy even attempted to extend her notorious, make my cells broil Gaga comparisons to Sasha Fierce. Amy claims: “But while it’s hard to look at any diva these days and not wonder whether or not their antics, such as, oh, miming cunnilingus, were contrived to keep up with Gaga, the true essence of Beyonc√©’s video could have come from somewhere else entirely.”

Really Amy? Such a strenuous and unfathomable task it is not to compare seasoned performers like Beyonce and Christina Aguilera to someone who just released their sophomore album. Don’t get me wrong I rocks with Ms. Germanotta. She’s etch a sketching her iconic status one little monster powwow at a time. Hate to break it to The Cut’s mastermind but Lady Gaga did not invent avant garde or nostalgic archival style. We can undoubtedly cite loads of performers preceding her over this way. Most notably our dearest Grace Jones who hilariously clapped at the Fame Monster for jacking her style.

At one of the most important fashion events of the year, Gaga skips the red carpet and pops up next to Prada’s HBIC shockingly understated in a Prada tux, long grey hair–no blonde hair in sight and suddenly Amy’s sartorial reference capsule seems to have ran out of duracells. Well, this is one for the books. Anyone with unpasted eyelids knows for the past six months or so, Kelis has assumed wavy long grey hair as her latest coiffure statement. Little shaky? Yes. But it’s in true Kelis form nonetheless. Maybe Kelis’ divorce drama overshadows her due style nods. Gotta be something for Amy to completely overlook this obvious imitation. I’m so over ga ga goo goo double standards.

Kelis and Gaga comparisons a stretch? My point exactly. Let’s hang it up Amy.

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