‘Sex and the City 2′ opens in theaters today everywhere and our favorite four returns more fabulous than ever. We’ve had six seasons of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte with loads of memorable moments and unforgettable style. The story continues in the film’s sequel with Carrie happily married to Big, Charlotte finally has given birth to a child, Miranda accepts the family life in Brooklyn and Samantha is the same ole’ Samantha. Together the girls embark on the vacation of all vacations! For devoted followers of the series, these women are like extended family. It’s been over a decade of ‘Sex and the City’ madness, offering women universal narratives we all can relate to in our journey to finding real love. And what remains paramount as we transition into a new two and half hour SATC flick is friendship.

The ladies at CLUTCH are feeling nostalgic. We’re remembering our favorites episodes, Carrie looks and Samantha antics!

Share your coveted SATC moments with us and make sure you check out the movie in theaters now!

Photo Source: Craig Blankenhorn/Warner Brothers Pictures

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  • My fave episode of SATC is from season four called “The Good Fight.” It’s the one where Aidan moves in with Carrie and he’s constantly there and she can never get any time to herself. My fave part in the episode is when they’re arguing in her closet, and Carrie goes through his stuff and discovers he has 5 open Speed Stick deodorants (“They’re different scents!”) and Rogaine (“It’s preventative”). I just thought it was cute way to show that you never really know someone, as much as you may love them, until you live with them.

    And I also love that episode where Samantha goes out with the black guy from Tommy Boy Records and she tries to be down when she goes to the club and she almost gets in a fight, and she tells the guys sister that her fried okra wasn’t all that. I just love this show…

  • Saw SATC 2 last night at 12:01 a.m (couldn’t wait)…loved loved loved it!!!!

    Albeit I most relate to Carrie, but you gotta love Samantha. Two many to name but one of my favorite Samantha moments is when she was getting intimate in the fire house with the sexy fireman and the alarm went off and they load up leave her there and the little old couple in the street just stares at her shaking their heads as she runs out naked..lol
    One of my many favorite Carries moments is when she gets held up for her purse and “Blakniks” on a side street in the city and she’s like “Is this for real?”

    I am a die hard fan, Sunday night has not been the same for me since the show went off.

  • diannawest

    my fav is the episode when carrie goes to her friends party who was kids and is forced to take off her Manolos and they get stolen and of course the friend doesnt understand the hurt of loseing a 800 dollar air of shoes cause she has a kid now (im going through something simlar im the only childless friend) so to get them back she makes a commitment to self registry and only registers for them loveee that