Time is wasting. Enough plotting and planning (or hoping and praying). You can’t spend your life thinking your life. Sooner or later, you’ll have to start living your life. No more telling yourself ‘someday’ because someday sounds too much like a dream, and may never come without action. The time for making moves to get what you want is now. Whether it’s turning those dreams you’ve had into a novel, striking up a conversation with the new guy in your building or simply changing your look. These steps will help you dive-in, yield results, and motivate you to create even grander schemes of your own.

1. Think Like a Man
Stop waiting for him to approach you, take a deep breath and introduce yourself to him. Sometimes acting like a girl just gets in the way of the fun and excitement life has to offer. It can also keep you from seeing a side of yourself you never knew you had. So stop using all your energy to be noticed, and make him see you and all of your fabulous-ness. Who knows, he might have been nervous about  approaching you.

2. Au Revoir Already!
Stop thinking someday I’ll make it to Paris, or whatever foreign city you dream of exploring. Start saving for the trip now! Any little amount you can start putting away today will only get you across the pond that much quicker.

3. Show ‘Em What You Got
Got something to say? Then start a blog or get on Facebook and Twitter and say it! It costs nothing to do either, so make some noise. Talented writers have been discovered in this way, and blogs have been sold for many thousands of dollars. Millions even!

4. Be a Little Extra
You may have to keep your look conservative at the office, but that’s the office. You’re a trendsetter at heart, and you can dress how you want to dress on your clock. Pair Emerald City green with Sour Grapes purple if that moves you. And, if you’re in the right place at the right time, you might get spotted and featured in a magazine or popular website as an example of what to do.  Sounds like a stylist in the making.

5. Pound New Pavement
All of your friends live in happening cities except for you. You like how sexy living in these cities make them seem, and you wonder what wearing their shoes feels like. Well, stop wondering and see if you can swap places with one of them for a week or two. It’s a cheap way to vacation and you won’t have to worry about accommodations. And, you just might find you want to turn your trip into a permanent adventure.

6. Entice Him
He says brains are sexy, and he’s right. But you’ve been wanting him to see a different kind of sexy in you. Purchase that low-scoop top, wear a cardigan with nothing underneath (except a bra of course), and leave the top buttons undone, showing just enough cleavage. You’ll pique his, and others’ interests too. That’s always fun!

7. Innovate and Deliver
Pursue work you love, even if what you’re interested in has never been explored in quite the way you want to. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll be credited for blazing a brand new trail for others to follow, and the first to go down in history for it too.

8. Play With Your Hair
Hair is meant to grow back, and letting your stylist cut some bangs into your hair will allow you to shake up your look without you having to make really bold style moves that could be a hit or a miss. So chop chop, and ignore the scar those pink sponge rollers left.

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