Jobs as we once knew them with affordable insurance, vacation pay, free or discounted gym memberships and all that fab are on the decline. The business model that’s on the up and up? Independent contractor. The government has estimated that currently 31 percent of U.S. workers already work as independent contractors, and experts predict in 10 years, that number could increase to 40 percent or more. That means those that will be holding traditional jobs with traditional benefits will be the minority.

You don’t have to tell me to do MY thing twice!

These predictions may raise fear and possibly even a little panic in many as they are forced into entrepreneurship. But, my question is what’s wrong with entrepreneurship? Bring on the bunny slippers! Hello life and work you love. You can set-up more dates with the sun or set-up shop right under her. No more dimly lit cubicles, silly office politics and giving your all to a company that can still lay you off at any time when cutbacks are necessary. And, it can and does happen to the true gems. There are known cases where companies have even fired good employees only to hire them back, offering only the money they will make. Nothing else. Nada.


We can do better.

The age of self-reliance is now upon us, and clutchettes will, no doubt, rise to the occasion. But the move to entrepreneurship is never an easy one. These tips can help make the transition a smoother one.

Profitable passion
No matter what you heart, there’s a way to turn you passion into livable profits. Life is too short not to love what you do. So conserve some of that energy used for building someone else’s empire for building your own. If you’re currently employed, and no longer want to gamble with your work life, make moves now! Using your full-time job is often the way many fund the move to entrepreneurship.

Spread your social wings on and offline
Master social media tools so you can effectively get the word out about what you’re up to. This skill will serve you well when you’re actually in business for yourself. Stay up-to-date on the latest and most popular social media technology for branding purposes and gaining new business. Study the social media techniques of those who do it well, and participate in as many networking events as you can or form your own.

Don’t leave work without it!
Take advantage of on-the-job-training, computer courses and certificate programs that your employer offers for free. This knowledge, too, will serve you well when you’re ready to launch your own business. Continue to nurture relationships you’ve already built in the workplace, and keep forming new ones. These are the people who could be your future clients, and will be a catalyst in that word-of-mouth business for you.

Marketing Motivation
I hated sales jobs growing up. Held a brief position as a telemarketer selling credit cards in college (and now it makes perfect sense why I failed so miserably at it). But if your going the entrepreneurship route, marketing yourself and your services well is essential to your success. This skill takes practice, and it can be quite intimidating to put yourself out there. But you believe in your abilities and the service(s) you have to offer. Right? That’s your motivation!

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