Better over 200 years late than never, right? On Wednesday Congress honored slave contributions to the United States by assembling commemorative plagues that will sit inside the U.S. Capitol. According to Associated Press, Congressman John Lewis, the chair of a congressional task force created to study slaves contributions to the country said the plagues will “shed light on a long-hidden truth.”

Not so hidden, rather ignored.

The plagues read: “This original exterior wall was constructed between 1803 and 1807 of sandstone quarried by laborers, including enslaved African Americans who were an important part of the workforce that build the United States Capitol.”

What do you think about this slave commemorative? Are you pleased this historic truth is finally acknowledged? Share your thoughts with us!

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  • something is better than nothing. I’m glad they did take the time to remember those who have helped build and even shape this country from their hard labor. guess we’ll see what’s next

  • Wait..why are they called, “Laborers”? That makes it seem like they voluntarily built the U.S. Capital.

  • I guess labourers includes workers who were there by choice? It’s better than nothing, but still minor in comparison to the treatment other minority groups have experienced after their tragedy e.g. Jews getting compensation.

  • Alexandra

    “If the truth is told, the youth can grow” -Nas