It’s nothing worse than post-puberty acne. In an age where serving good face is everything, rampant pimples and blackheads can be embarrassing for grown women. It’s even more damaging when some of us pile on the makeup in efforts of disguising the obvious.

The skin care market is exploding with in demand products like ProActiv, Neutrogena and Clean and Clear promising to relieve infected skin. With the rise of the organic movement, vulnerable acne victims will believe just about anything.

One of the most popular myths on ridding acne, next to the use of baby urine (yuck!) is having sex. The legend suggests the more sex you have, the more clearer your skin will be. Ever heard of it? Well, if the rumor is true, it would certainly save America loads of cash, and men would be grateful forever!

But is it really true? Can having sex really clear skin?

We caught up with Dr. Wendy Roberts, an African American board certified Dermatologist in California. When we asked Dr. Roberts if sex clears skin she let out a hearty laugh. “There is no scientific evidence to support sex clearing acne.”

Sorry to disappoint some of you, but if your hoping for the slightest beauty benefits of sex there is hope. Dr. Roberts, President of Women’s Dermatologist Society says, “Sex increases circulation which can give you that rosy glow. Any kind of increased circulation to the skin will give a glow, but that’s about it.” Dr. Roberts continues, “When the adrenaline is increased things can happen, so there is a hormonal affect on acne. These are the possible physiological things that can occur, because skin is the window to our bodies.”

Well, there it is ladies.  Sex won’t zap your pimple, but it can give you that Jada Pinkett-Smith glow. Which ain’t too shabby.

If your suffering from lasting acne, take it from Dr. Roberts, skin tells us what’s happening on the inside, so look to your diet, not the bed.

Dr. Wendy Roberts and “The Roberts Skin Type Classification System©” inspired her recent appearance on ‘The Today Show’ and a nationally televised, first of it’s kind, ‘skin health’ program, entitled “America’s Ethnic Skin” addressing the special concerns, challenges and issues affecting an increasingly diverse America. Her personal practice motto is “Leave no stone unturned until the solution for a specific skin problem is found.” To find out more about Dr. Roberts check out her website.

Photo Source: Hype Hair

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  • Alexandra

    I like hearing myths. First time hearing this one.

  • AJ

    I’ve had numerous people tell me about the baby urine. Some put it to their face right off the diaper

    • me

      Thats just gross who would stick a diaper to their face. They gotta be messed up!?! NO offense dude

  • Mahogany

    Even though an expert weighed in on this topic, I for one disagree due to personal experience.

    As someone who has suffered with horrible acne and hyper pigmentation since middle school the first time I’ve ever had a compliment on my skin because it was flawless and glowing was when I was having sex everyday, multiple times a day. Nothing in my daily habits changed, my skin care regimen didn’t change, my water and food intake didn’t change, I wasn’t even exercising at the gym! Yet for the FIRST time in my life, after spending hundreds of dollars on various skin care products and systems, my skin was beautiful. I stopped wearing make-up because I didn’t need it and it continued to be flawless up to 6 months after I broke up with my 1st boyfriend then I slowly went back to have a lot of acne and hyper pigmentation on my skin. Recently I’ve had to resort to Accutane because my skin is out of control and I don’t leave my house without full makeup coverage. It’s tough because I look back on those pictures wishing my skin looked like that again without the need of medication.

  • Candy 1

    I’ve heard worse than baby urine. I’ve heard to use menstrual blood on your face. Don’t know is it works or not, but yuck.

    Anyway, my husband uses that myth (acne/sex) as a (bad) joke when I’m on my period and I get period-induced acne. “You have a pimple because we haven’t had sex in 4 days”. I always roll my eyes at that one.