Ciara finds herself as the latest Web hot topic after singer and producer The Dream blasted the 24-year-old singer in a recent interview with our friends over at Parlour magazine.

The Dream said:

“You only get so many times to, and I won’t say fail, but not achieve. There’s an expectation of where Ciara should be in her career. To other, she’s achieved but not to us, becauseTTTTsaw where her career was headed.”

We don’t know whether to call it a diss or much needed tough love. Some folks think The Dream should give the attention to his wife, singer and actress Christina Milian. But this isn’t the first time Ciara’s ability to sustain– or to be on Beyonce or Rihanna’s level–was up for debate. Critics have long questioned whether her sex will sell on her upcoming fourth album “Basic Instinct” and what exactly holds this Atlanta-singer back.

After eight weeks on the charts, her “Ride” single barely makes Billboard’s top 10 and her overly sexual moves in the single’s video was allegedly banned by BET. The singer continues to get posey on the social scene with BFFs Lala Vazquez and Kim Kardashian, whose friendship keeps the lights flashing.

Still, the singer remains an industry favorite. Like Rihanna, designers flock to her gorgeous physique. In 2009 Ciara signed a multi-million dollar deal with Wilhelmina Models, posed in multiple issues of Vogue and was a representative for high-end designer Givenchy at Fall 2010 Fashion Week.

But what of her recording career? Do you think Ciara is on a downward hill? You be the judge!

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  • The Dream? More like the plus sized nightmare… but hey ole boy can write /produce! I do have to say that SEE-ERROR should be focusing on fashion and other income strategies because her sex will not keep her relevant. I just hope she doesnt go into the porn industry…. maybe the workout franchise of some sort? Those vocal chords just will not give up! We have to give her some kind of props for her determination though……

    • ennui

      “SEE-ERROR”. Noooo…. :-)

      Modeling could work. Acting, perhaps? She could play a young Wanda Sykes if there’s ever made for tv movie about her on Lifetime or Logo.

      Actually, I’ve always thought of her as Janet 2.0. But with Beyonce and Rihanna on the scene, I kinda forgot about her. :(

  • Dawn

    I’m sorry, but that “Ride” video was the “ish” to me! I am forty and fabulous, and my homegirls who are in their late thirties were buzzing about that video…..she put her thing down! However, I quietly concur with “The Dream” that somewhere in CiCi’s career, there was definitlely a breach, because it seemed as if she was on her way to crossover superstardom just like Mrs. Shawn Carter and RiRi……don’t know what quite happened there. Ciara is one of the best dancers in the biz and I wish her much success.

  • guess


  • Melinda

    I hope Ciara and all the other hypersexualized/jezebels (Beyonce,Rihanna,Trina,Minaj chick) are on there way out. We don’t need any more of these terrible images in the media. It’s bad enough our own men degrade us,please don’t join in.

  • joycecarter

    I love ciara but singing has never been her strong point, she is a good dancer and has a model body so she really should focus on that.