From The BVX— Breaking up is hard to do, but contrary to popular belief it’s harder on men than it is women. Just ask Rihanna’s would-be boo Drake.

Soon after Drake admitted to being played by Rihanna on his song ‘Fireworks’ and in the New York Times, fans reacted to his apparent sensitivity. While Drake may have scored über points with the ladies, who saw him as a man in touch with his feelings, but his ability to verbalize his feelings left many dudes questioning his masculinity.

Sure, we found it borderline pathetic amusing to hear how an extremely brief flirtation with a chick on the rebound would leave Drizzy scarred — but science is saying that it’s not his fault that he’s so emotional.

A recent study conducted by Wake Forest University, found that men are actually more affected by breakups than females are.

Why? Because unlike women, men have fewer people to confide in. Instead of talking about their feelings — or in Drake’s case rapping about them — men resort to unhealthy behaviors like alcohol or smoking. Continue Reading @ The BVX!

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  • Joe Clyde

    Men do fall in love fast. Men don’t have a 30 point checklist when trying to find a partner. So if a woman meets his very basic requirements and she appears to be digging him. Well he can love her.

    Opening yourself up to someone is to risk being hurt. Being hurt is a sign of weakness. Men and especially black men. We have to have the constant facade of strength. So a lot of guys hurt internally, or show it in the wrong way.

  • no solidarity

    Seems true, how many women go around shooting up their ex-wives and then themselves?