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  • Drea

    I LOVE THIS! My new favorite song hands down!

  • I like the chorus as it’s catchy. However these dance singles that Kelly and Amerie release never really do it for me but their album usually has some songs of note. I knw that their doing what they have to do to stay relevant in the industry so i ain’t mad. There is an paying audience for this music it just doesn’t include me.

  • This video contains content from UMG. It is no longer available.

  • I can see that you changed the video, but this time the video is not found and has been deleted from Twitvid.

  • Kelly Rowland: Always the bridemaid, never the bride. I watched a ‘behind the scenes’ of this video on youtube just see what it was all about and then listen to the track… and her tryna be all edgy and quirky is so pretentious. She should stick to being the ‘girl next door’ instead of this desperado attempt at being ‘sexy’ and relevant. As for the song, I’m not convinced…Commander? Commander of what? Being as boring as paint drying? Yeah, she nailed that.