Mayzani is the tres chic accessories brand from Los Angeles based jewelry designer, Mazel Higa. Her latest summer 2010 collection is beautifully comprised of decadent vintage-esque earrings, hand jewelry, lace gloves, necklaces and pins. Mayzani accessories are the perfect choice to compliment your summer uniform. Clutchettes – keep your outfit simple (think model off-duty chic: white tank, a cuffed boyfriend jean/harem pant, sickening five inch heel) and let your accessories steal all the attention! Keep reading below to read Mazel’s inspiration for her summer 2010 collection:

The inspiration behind my Summer Collection derived from my love of LACE.  I have always loved lace and have avidly collected different types of lace over the years.  The very first pair of earrings I ever created were of LACE and Japanese Seed Beads.  In the past I would make these little earrings for friends and family, but I never created a whole collection.  One day, I laid everything out, all the lace I have collected as well as new ones I came upon, and instantly I was cutting and sewing and beading.  The final results were 15 pieces, some revived from the “random pieces” I made for friends and family, and others completely new.  I don’t ever sit down and design. I blame this on the fact that I can’t sit still to save my life.

“I call my pieces accidents, because they are literally almost always created completely different from what I first envisioned”.

I find something very exhilirating about creating blindly.  Because everything in the world always ends up becoming “business” or “by the book”, such as creating and selling your art, I decided a long time ago that when it comes to my art, I will create in mystery to keep my mind challenged since the business part has already been written down for me.  In closing, my collection was inspired by chaos.  Imagine a floor covered in beautiful lace…. you have no choice but to organize the chaos and create something beautiful.

For more information on Mayzani, visit the official shop on Etsy or follow her on Twitter for the latest updates on the brand.

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