Brooklyn urbanista Tenille McMillan’s naKIMuli line offers a series of electric looks for summer. ‘Lock U Up In Luv For Days’ is a hybrid of exotic, animalistic and geometric prints in playful and sexy silhouettes. naKIMuli’s “Dookie Chain” has been on our list for some time, now followers of Tenille’s brilliance can see why we’re locked up in love for the entire collection! We fancy the Aztec-esque print against the season’s must-have strong shoulder on the collection’s black and white “it” bodycon dress. Tenille’s latest looks encourages us all to go for the mix-up of crazy prints. Get bold in naKIMuli!

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  • dendoo

    awww!! i’m so happy that she’s getting some coverage. home girl is mad talented and i love how she is having fun with her collection. i’ve been following her and loving her everythingness for a hot minute.

  • Crystal

    I LIKE IT!!!!! I will be ordering some pieces!!!!

  • Finally getting her shine so overdue… fab designer!

  • D-Ski

    BROOKLYN STAND UP!!! Never mind about Uptown, LES and Soho……Brooklyn is the Beast when it comes to avante guarde fashions. What I soooo appreciate about the designer is that she makes these pieces in plus sizes as well, so kudos to her for realizing that the “Curvy Clucthette” has a place up in here as well. I will be getting that dookie chain.