This picture may not be a shocker for Naomi enthusiasts. But can you ever get used to the thought that one of the world’s most gorgeous women is completely bald in the front? This is like discovering Beyonce secretly has– well, we fail to find a congruent parallel here.

The queen of the catwalk was spotted at a photo shoot in New York City and the cameras went a flicking when her hairline was uncovered. Wow. This stings!

Could this be years of weave and wig wearing gone wrong? Did she purposely shave off her hairline for lacefronts? Whatever the cause, this is clearly the downside of Naomi’s elbow-length faux signature.

The world of entertainment–stages and runways alike can force some Black women into weave addiction or some kind of mane servitude. When is the last time we saw Whitney Houston’s real hair? And lots of industry starlets for that matter. Tyra Banks must be thankful for her loyal hairline after years of glued lacefronts.

It is no wonder the recent transition to natural hair was such a revolutionary and self-liberating statement for entertainers like Solange and Chrisette Michele who were vocal about the torture of non-stop weaves.

We feel bad for Naomi and we know this has to be a major insecurity for her.

Do you think the pressures of Hollywood and Fashion forces Black women to take some extreme beauty measures?

Is Naomi’s missing hairline the result of years of runway wear and tear?

Or this is the result of plain old hair abandonment?

You be the judge!

Photo Source: Splash News

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  • @ Latifah

    you can take out the braids and weaves, stop cutting and blowdrying, and just do you. thats what you CAN do

  • PURE Foolish! Where is Dr. Miracle when you need him?!?

  • Egmond Codfried

    kindly start a thread about Jane Austen (1775-1817)


    Blacks need to research history to liberate themselves. They have to find out what was stolen from them and claim it back, in order to strengthen their identity. Who are we, where do we come from, what is our history, where did it go wrong, when and why? That eurocentrist will hijack Black History, as the British sites about historical blacks indicate, will just not do. Since I have started my research there been historical blacks ‘discovered.’ A grand total of five. At this rate it will last forever. What do we care about one ‘black’ woman in a British Roman cemetery? And black by who’s definition? We know there were Blacks in the Greek and Roman world and they shared equal status with whites.

    Blackness is more a question of identity then head shape or DNA There are those with a Irish or Jewish identity, which has nothing to do with the length or shape of their nose, but their ideas, ideals, problems, geographical movements, politics, solidarities etc.

    Snowden in Blacks in Antiquity has proven that there was no racism as we know it today in antiquity, but rather 20th century American researchers imposing their racist views on the ‘colour-blind’ Greeks and the Romans. The Greeks were aware that Egypt was the source of their civilisation. And they did not have rules against race-mixing. They understood black skin only as an adaptation to environment. And they looked up to Africans, as blameless. Africans were favourites of the Olympian gods, who would spend 11 days each year to feast with the Africans. The war god Mars was represented as a black man.

    Then the political issues surrounding Cleopatra have no bearing at all to us living today. Declaring Cleopatra black, according to the definitions of eurocentrism, is of no use to blacks living today, dealing with the racism today. Race Theory and Racism is a liberation ideology starting in 1760, to free Europe from a reversed apartheid system, when the nobility and royally was black identified. They intermarried because blue blood was black blood. Anyone who was not white was considered superior to whites. They were a fixed mulatto race from very fair to very black, some looking more African, Asian or white. But they shared a black identity: blue blood. The whites then were not the whites we know today. They were born in a system ruled by blacks and coloureds; they knew nothing else. If anyone questioned this system he was despotically silenced. This also explains the ferocity of the French Revolution which ended the Ancien Regime, which was black rule.

    Now I understand that blacks are frightened away from Jane Austen (1775-1817) because of all the blond actresses playing personages, who in fact are clearly described as very brown and black. Austen writes about things that still influence us today, the causes and the aftermath of the end of black rule in Europe. In Emma (1816) she points to the dangers of race-mixing and blacks trying to civilize whites and raising them to equal status. These are the causes of the downfall of blacks, their own folly. She was writing about historical realities, not wishful thinking. Emma is not a straight romantic story; it’s an allegory, its Black History and confirms my blue blood is black blood (1500-1789) research.

    On builds on the research of the ones who came before. There is no need for young blacks to go and rediscover the wheel time and time again. And we do not need whites to explain to us who is black and who is white. We are not that stupid! The sources are just the novels by Jane Austen who wrote for and about the 3 and 4 black families in an English country village, who were a gentle or noble elite. Towards self-improvement and to warn blacks about the dangers ahead. Austen teaches us the use of correct language, good manners, prudence, relations, culture, reading of good books and women rights. She shows how blacks have many colours or looks, invites us to look at blacks in all their diversity. She urges blacks not to be afraid to change or they might be loosing even more.

    Egmond Codfried
    The Hague

  • weaverofhair

    A little late in coming to this. Kerry Washington’s baldness from her weaves became evident during the Oscars. Same hairstyle as Naomi, which most likely helps both of them to camoflauge the damage from the weaves. They could be twins, literally:



  • tazmemouaTaz

    I’m sure if she shaved off all her hair, she would still look gorgeous. So no shame.