This picture may not be a shocker for Naomi enthusiasts. But can you ever get used to the thought that one of the world’s most gorgeous women is completely bald in the front? This is like discovering Beyonce secretly has– well, we fail to find a congruent parallel here.

The queen of the catwalk was spotted at a photo shoot in New York City and the cameras went a flicking when her hairline was uncovered. Wow. This stings!

Could this be years of weave and wig wearing gone wrong? Did she purposely shave off her hairline for lacefronts? Whatever the cause, this is clearly the downside of Naomi’s elbow-length faux signature.

The world of entertainment–stages and runways alike can force some Black women into weave addiction or some kind of mane servitude. When is the last time we saw Whitney Houston’s real hair? And lots of industry starlets for that matter. Tyra Banks must be thankful for her loyal hairline after years of glued lacefronts.

It is no wonder the recent transition to natural hair was such a revolutionary and self-liberating statement for entertainers like Solange and Chrisette Michele who were vocal about the torture of non-stop weaves.

We feel bad for Naomi and we know this has to be a major insecurity for her.

Do you think the pressures of Hollywood and Fashion forces Black women to take some extreme beauty measures?

Is Naomi’s missing hairline the result of years of runway wear and tear?

Or this is the result of plain old hair abandonment?

You be the judge!

Photo Source: Splash News

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