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  • E

    “…Just goes to show that when it comes to the abuse of black girls, no one cares….” Exactly, and so often it’s other black women who do enable and coddle these predators, bring them in our homes, close to kids, and then wanna bring up Jesus and the evil white man. Black women have defended OJ, Kobe, Mike Tyson, etc. while these men wouldn’t piss on us (well maybe R Kelly would) if we were drowning. It’s bizarre behavior to me.

  • Clnmike

    I believe in forgiving and moving on but you have to admit what you did, be sincere in your request for forgivness, and ask it from the ones you did wrong to (the only ones who can really forgive him). From what I understand he didnt do any of those things, till then he is in the dog house.

  • opinionatednyc

    It’s a beautiful song and video.

    R Kelly’s career and legacy will forever be tainted by that underage sex scandal and this is the price he will have to pay for his actions.

    He is clearly a gifted and talented singer and songwriter who, probably, would have been eligible for lifetime achievement and humanitarian awards for his music and songwriting down the road. But now those things are out of the equation for him.

    But the music is still undeniably beautiful.

  • Jacqueline

    Matthew 18:5-7; Mark 9:41-43; Luke 17:1-3.

    Stop misinterpreting Scripture to cover up people’s abuse.