On the heels of Father’s Day, rapper Luke Campbell, known for his racy songs with controversial hip hop group 2 Live Crew–who were both recently honored at the “VH1 Hip Hop Honors”–denies his estranged children.

Campbell’s daughter Lacresha Campbell took to World Star Hip Hop to share her story. Lacresha says her father doesn’t claim her and her other siblings and revealed the rapper physically abused her mother.

In response to Lacresha’s allegations, Luke spoke to “The Mad Hatta Morning Show” stating he has one kid, his son Blake Campbell:

“I have one kid. His name is Blake Campbell and he stays with me and me and my wife raise him. I’ve made mistakes in my life and I’d like everyone to understand that It’s important to practice safe sex and it’s important to not have sex without condoms because you’ll be sperm donating and when you sperm donate to angry mothers then unfortunately it’s about a check. When you get a check, the results of that check ends up where your sperm donation kids are online talking bad about you after you paid millions and millions dollars in child support…”

When asked if his relationship with his daughter can be fixed Luke claims Lacresha’s mother has been putting devilish thoughts in her mind.

It’s unfortunate that a 55-year-old man promotes the idea that unplanned children born out of irresponsible and unprotected sex are some how mistakes who don’t deserve attention. This is a continued trend plaguing Black communities in and out of the spotlight.

How do you feel about this father-daughter drama? Are you even shocked? Unfortunately we can’t say we are.


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