You’re on the quest of your life to find that one “it” job that will put you on the path to the next “it” job that prepares you for the next. Whew! On top of that, you’re dealing with the funny ways of men. No one said the journey of a sexy and drama-free life would be easy. So, in no way should you cut back on your therapy sessions- girl’s night out! Your girls are your support system, and no one knows better than them what you’re going through because they’re most likely on the same quest you are. Plus, we all know girl talk, drinks, good food, drinks and fun aids us in figuring out some of life’s biggest dilemmas. But, a recessionista has still got to watch her resources. So what do you do? Order the drinks of course, but make your main (and only) meal a choice from the list of appetizers on the menu. Appetizers are always cheaper than main courses, and have you noticed appetizers are looking more and more like full meals these days?

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