I used to be that girl. The one who couldn’t get on the bus for a few reasons. It wasn’t because I thought I was better than public transportation, it was mostly because it was time consuming, and the summer heat was another one of those things I just couldn’t do.  But, I later realized that time and some sun were actually benefits to getting on the bus.  The time gained could be used  for totally zoning out,  reading a few pages of that new novel or taking in the people, places and things without having to be alert. All that, in addition to the much needed exercise walking to the bus stop would provide. Plus, the money saved on gas stays in my clutch.  Walking to the bus stop will help me obtain a healthy summer glow too.

But the best benefit of all…well, maybe not the best, but the one I’m most excited about  is having new and good reason to buy that chic shopper.

See you at the bus stop!

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  • Alex

    LOL If I had to do all the walking that’s required to catch a bus in my city I die of a heat stroke (95 plus humidity is no joke). I try to be aware of my surrounds at all times, so I could never just zone out on public transportation.

    • Ms Jay Gee

      Alex, I was thinking the same thing regarding the heat+humidity. I wanted to take the bus to cut down on fuel costs, but my commute would go from 40 min to 3 hrs each way(connections & walking to/from stop). Needless to say, I opted for carpooling which worked out wonderfully.

  • Lucky me… when I do have to do any walking, there’s shade I can rest under during my journey. If I’m taking the bus, there’s a stop right outside my quaint little hood and it’s smothered with shade-giving trees.