• Crystal

    So this is another song about a boy bragging about playing women (this time since middle school, hence his first few lines on the song) and a girl that wants to be with him even though he is already in a relationship and not to mention that he did not notice her before but now that she has a fat ass he sees her. Oh and he keeps on calling himself a Nigger. I’m through, I pass!!! Will someone come with some real music please and not this Bullshit!!!! We keep on writing, producing, watching and listening to “music” like this then wonder why there are so many dysfunctional relationships, absentee fathers and angry single women in our community. I know this song may not be that serious or that deep and it is not, but it is just an example (albeit a small example) of the type of things we are listening to and being subliminally programmed with on a daily basis. Music and videos celebrate black men for calling themselves niggers and being playa’s while women are just reduced to objects. I know I am ranting, and please forgive me, and trust my frustration way bigger than this little video by someone who I have never heard. I am just tired of the lackluster crap that is being produced and sold as music today and at us for listening to it and wondering while at the same time our black men just won’t act right. I know how a person acts is not the total result of what type of music they listen to, but it does have an impact on our community.

    • Akai*

      I agree and well said, Crystal.

      Garbage in, garbage out!!

    • thinkpink

      HA HA crystal you make a great point. The funny thing is that I’m in the computer lab at my college and the black men around me are discussing what a positive influence lil wayne is to the black community. I also wonder why black music celebrates black men playing and disrespecting women when so much music by white males does the opposite. Some of my favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie and Dashboard Confessional, are very successful white male artist who make music about how much they love and cherish their women. I wish I could hear these messages within the popular culture of the black community.

  • Crystal

    **Edit on the last part of the second to last sentence… and at us for listening to it and at the same time wondering why our black men just won’t act right.**

    • educated

      I agree with you Crystal. The music out is garbage and is really brainwashing people. There is another motive these artist have. Nicki is cool, but ever since she made it big, the CORPORATE handler gave her a new plan.

  • MissDiannaT

    Song: You liked me since the middle grade but I didn’t like you. But, now that you half naked with a fat ass, can I holla (read beat) Me: side eyes. WTF.
    Sad part is Nicki’s flow has so much potential and she is wasting it on this “Barbie” bullshit. What a dumb douche.

  • Yeah I just wasted about 10 seconds of my day SMH… music today is really saddening, we r in need of a musical revolution asap!!!

  • nikki

    Wait a minute…music that objectifies has been around forever. What do you think all the hub hub was about rock and roll and dance music? I agree that we as blacks need to be a bit more sensitive to call ourselves niggers so easily, especially in the public eye but the music is really not the problem. We as adults need to take responsibility for explaining why that music is art and only art. Instead, everyone puts so much stock into the songs today as being “real” or “100”. We know what sells and the always positive vibe will not unless the artist who’s pushing it is considerably talented. I mean when public enemy was out everybody wanted to be a militant…i dont think so. There was a push in the industry to come with something softer. If we teach our kids and our neighbors kids that it is okay to listen to this music but not mimic this music I think we could eventually find a happy medium. Remember this…MONEY TALKS, and if you really want to have an impact on the music industry don’t make artists like Lil Wayne number 1 the first week with a platinum release. Instead pay for those CD’s in the stores that promote what you feel should be the message. Don’t shake your head at the folks who live by this stuff, teach them better.