Some Spider-Man fans are saying if white actors can play roles of Black, Hispanic and Asian characters, no one should argue with a Black man playing Peter Parker.

For the past seven years actor Tobey Maguire played the superhero created 48-year-ago in three installments of the popular movie version, now fans have taken to Twitter showing their support of a different kind of Peter Parker–or rather, a brotha.

26-year-old actor Donald Glover known for his work on the NBC show “Community” and his widely popular comedy sketch series “Derrick Comedy” on YouTube is the subject of a large debate on if he should play the next Spider-Man.

For months Glover has been an off and on Twitter trending topic #donald4spiderman in which a huge following generated. The trend was started in the beginning to see how far social networking could carry the message, now it’s caught the attention of “Ultimate Spider-Man” writer Brian Bendis and even the original comic co-creator Stan Lee who have both gone on record supporting an audition for the actor.

According to MTV, the buzzing debate has turned racial. Website io9 posted a story “The last think Spider-Man should be is another white guy.” Now everyone is taking sides.

One Glover supporter even photoshopped a photo of the actor as Spider-Man.

Glover tells MTV:

“I haven’t asked or anything like that. It’s very cool that people want me to do it. I work for Sony, I’m a big fan of Spider-Man, I’m glad that people are talking about the new reboot because I think it’s going to be awesome regardless of whether I’m in it or not.”

Who you do think should play the next Spider-Man? Do you think the role should go to someone of color?

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