While South Africa celebrates the World Cup, the nation is still plagued by increasing rape rates. A 2009 report by South Africa’s Medical Research Council revealed 28 percent of men raped a grown woman or girl, with one in 20 stating they raped a female in the past year, according to the Human Rights Watch.

CNN reports Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, a South African doctor developed “Rape-aXe,” a female condom with ‘teeth.”

The jagged rows of teeth-like hooks line the inside of the latex condom and will attach on a man’s penis during penetration.

Dr. Ehlers, a medical researcher says the condom is inserted into a woman like a tampon and will trap to a rapist’s gentiles until authorities come to detain the man–the device has to be removed by a physician. Ehlers says the condom hurts the rapist, he cannot walk or urinate and if he tries to move, the device will clasp tigher.

Ehlers consulted with engineers, gynecologists and psychologists to help make the design and to be sure it’s safe. She even visited prisons to interview convicted rapists asking them if the device would make them rethink raping women again.

The doctor plans to distribute 30,000 free devices to women during the World Cup festivities. After the trail period, the condoms will be available for $2–7 ZAR in the South African Rand.

“Rape-aXe” already has a slew of critics.

Victoria Kajja, a fellow for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Uganda tells CNN, “The fears surrounding the victim, the act of wearing the condom in anticipation of being assaulted all represent enslavement that no woman should be subjected to.” Kajja says “Rape-aXe” constantly reminds the victim of their vulnerability.

Other medical insiders unsure about the effects of the device claims it opens the victim up for more violence. The perpetrator could begin to further abuse the woman with physical violence, like hitting her to loose himself of the condom’s hold.

Some critics even call Dr. Ehlers’ device medieval. To that she states, “Yes, my device may be a medieval, but it’s for a medieval deed that has been around for decades. She tells CNN, “I believe something’s got to be done…and this will make some men rethink before they assault a woman.”

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What do you think about “Rape-aXe?” Do you think it could be effective or dangerous?

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