You’ve found the perfect place at the perfect price, and you’re ready to begin turning you’re space into one that will reflect your unique sense of style and personality.  Before visiting your favorite retailers, first check out these often forgotten about places for stylish one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. In most cases, you won’t have to spend a dime!

Estate Sales
Estate sales likely happen to because a property owner has died, and the family wants or needs to liquidate their belongings quickly. Because of this, you’ll find things, sometimes very valuable, that you might not find anywhere else, and probably for a lot less than what they are really worth. Think Tiffany’s Lamp!


Most people don’t think to look in the basements of parents or grandparents where old furniture is often kept; furniture that no one really wants anymore, but was once considered all the rage. Can’t you just see those olive green and mustard-colored antiquated couches and French fabricated high back chairs waiting to be salvaged, revived and put to brand new use?

Another rich cache of long-forgotten antiques! People will be all too happy to free-up room and get much of these things off of their hands. Even better if they are put to good use. And, things aren’t built today the way they were way back when, so you might even luck-up on something that was actually built by a true artist! These rare pieces have been collecting dust for ages, so dust-off the cobwebs, back-in the moving truck and load ’em up!

Not too many people think about home decor and garages in the same thought. Yet, there is much to be found in a garage. An old-fashioned bike left weathered or spray painted is a great shabby chic-ish idea for an enclosed patio or balcony, and an old tin watering can looks great on a kitchen table or window sill.  Though the reason why old men nail aged signs and license plates to the walls of garages is unknown, I’m glad they do! I’m picturing them hanging on the walls of sleeker digs.

Store Closings

Artsy types will love the decorating opportunities store closings can provide. Here you can find some unique things for a bargain, and can’t you just see a mannequin, with or without a head, as a place to hang coats and bags? Drop the keys in the mannequin’s hand. Welcome home!

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