There’s a place for everything; to sleep, to eat and entertain. And, because our dwelling influences our moods, there should also be a place  preserved for you and only you to relax, read, reflect or do whatever you choose no matter how small or humble the abode.  It doesn’t have to take much time, effort or money to create your special space. If you’re lucky you may not need to go any further than your four walls to get what you need.

Here’s a list of some things to help create your “me” space:

  • Large throw pillows are great for not only comfort, but for creating a Zen-like feeling. Bright colors and artsy designs are fun, but if the purpose of your space is get you to relax, go for softer colors like pastels and neutrals.
  • Tables with short legs that sits close to the floor will look nice with the pillows.
  • Pillar candles are perfect for a relaxing glow that provides just enough light in the evenings.
  • A low cushy chair or bean bag chair works well if throw pillows will not be comfortable enough.
  • If you have the room and can afford to be extra, consider painting or wall papering an entire wall in a relaxing or stimulating color if this will be where you generate ideas.
  • Adding a vase with eucalyptus will help keep the area  fragrant.
  • Natural light is a mood booster, so consider a spot by a window.
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