Twitter’s cultural significance is an ever increasing force. People look to this social networking site for everything from national news, the next block party and the World Cup score. But if you wanna know what’s trending in our world, it’s this carefully select group of men. News anchors, rappers and the next BK Congressman, these brothas offer fascinating vignettes into their world from the fashion front row to the writer’s block in 140 words or less.

CLUTCH writers Geneva S. Thomas and Leslie Pitterson explains why these 10 men are the ones to follow.

Wes Moore
Author Wes Moore had us at hello. Rhodes Scholar, army combat veteran and former Special Assistant to Condeleeza Rice has been on the book tour circuit for his book, “The Other Wes Moore.” The title chronicles and compares the diverging paths his own life with that of a convicted murder with the same name. While he is hard on his grind promoting the book, Moore is less about self than community with portion of the proceeds from his book sales going to US Dream Academy, an organization that supports thousands of at risk children of incarcerated parents and City Year, a non-profit that provides young people with leadership training.

Sample tweet: “Everyone has a story to tell. I just hope one day you will share yours…”

Andre Leon Talley
Kimora calls it “fabulosity,” Tyra Banks calls it “fierce,” but whatever you call it- Andrea Leon Talley is IT. Former Editor at Large for Vogue, Talley is a presence to be reckoned with, even on Twitter! Commenting on everything recent news to what he thinks of the ANTM contestants, his timeline is non-stop fun! With his insider tweets from the most exclusive fashion events, Talley keeps his followers on front row.

Sample tweet: “Lady Gaga has to thank Madonna for so many important eureka moments of inspiration, and she should perhaps take some courses in deportment.”

Don Lemon
CNN anchor and cutie Don Lemon is the kind of guy a mother dreams of. Super smart, super charming, Lemon is one of the few faces of color in the whitewashed cable news industry. A huge fan of Twitter, Lemon interacts with his viewers both during and after shows. He is relentlessly adorable and good natured even when viewers poke fun at his on air teleprompter fumbles. We’re not saying he goes hard (he has his Kid Cudi moments), but sometimes a loveable man is all we need.

Sample tweet: “I look like the black Harry Potter. Blarry Potter. Haha!” http://tweetphoto.com/24194407

Saul Williams
Saul Williams’ tweets are just made to be retweeted. The poet often gives his followers some of his fleeting thoughts, proving that even his scraps are genius. We love his most recent appearance on the Janelle Monae track, “Dance or Die” and his timeline is full of equally brazen gems. But don’t worry, even though he is a writer, he spends most of his time working on off-Twitter projects, so your timeline will be safe from flood of open mic thoughts.

Sample tweet: “Word until world. Make it real and is, isn’t. We are the answers to questions too afraid to ask. Death is forgiveness. Live. Make it rain.”

Omar Epps
Maybe we have Omar Epps in this list because we like seeing his face in our timeline. Maybe. But we also love the actor’s on set updates and funny thoughts that show us a goofier side of the smooth brother we see on screen. Well versed on current affairs, Epps gives his two cents on everything from the BP oil spill to the White House Correspondents dinner. Also a haphazard mixologist, followers will have a ball reading his frequent new cocktail concoctions.

Sample tweet: “Dear BP, Transocean & Halliburton, Your greed has caused an extremely tragic catastrophe! Sincerely, O. Epps.”

Kevin Powell
Many of us know Kevin Powell as an acclaimed writer, activist and author of several books. But soon, Kevin Powell could very well become a Congressman in 10th District of Brooklyn, New York. Kevin’s campaign mobilizes an entire nation to engage in politics and exercise our right to get up, get out and do something. Kevin’s tweets information about his campaign efforts and offers empowering words to youth– an extension of his life’s work.

Sample Tweet: “Don’t sleep on education. Will change your life as it changed mine.”

If you want Music 101 and a backstage pass to “The Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon,” music producer, drummer and deejay Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson will tweet it to you. The musical leader of the legendary Roots crew, Questlove’s tweets are nerdy bits of his obsession with pop culture, technology and info on his next deejay set.

Sample Tweet: Some sad ish that in 2010. This is the one cat that stops for you on 5th ave. #HIGO http://tweetphoto.com/28613646

Marc Lamont Hill
If you’re not following Marc Lamont Hill on Twitter, your timeline is absent of a daily mix of smarts in action and hilarious commentary. Dr. Hill is not your average professor, which is why this Clutch Crush is our pick for the realist scholarship outside the classroom. From Fox News to a lecture near you, this Philly brotha is definitely one to follow.

Sample Tweet: “Today I choose to love wastefully.”

Easily the remix king of the decade, this Brooklyn emcee has a way of taking over and upstaging artists on their own tracks. Fabolous doesn’t leave his fabulous pad without Twitter. From the studio, to concerts and even on his way to the BET Awards, Fabolous gives his tweets the same candor, wit and comical energy he does on stage.

Sample Tweet: “Anybody ever fart in a elevator cuz you thought its was safe to let one go, then it stops & someone gets on…. #MeNeither.”

Jozen Cummings
Jozen is an incredibly talented (and very nice to look at) writer who pens the widely popular blog Until I Get Married. Chronicling the ups and downs of his bachelorhood, “Until I Get Married” is an addictive dose of contemporary relationship commentary from a man’s perspective. This Howard alum has written for Vibe, XXL, The New York Times Magazine among others and currently serves as the Senior Culture and Music Editor for GlobalGrind.com. Jozen’s tweets are glimpses into his larger thoughts, giving us all something to think about like:

Sample Tweet: “Gotta love how girls crack jokes on men who cry like girls but then turn around and cry when men act like men.”

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