The exotic dancer-turned-video vixen and model stepped onto the scene in 2009 and garnered much buzz for her relationship with rapper Kanye West and bold fashion risks. You either loved her or hated her. Regardless of how you felt, there’s no doubt she got your attention. While she may not be making headlines these days, here’s why she never failed to turn heads….

1. Her unapologetic sense of style. Amber Rose broke every fashion rule imaginable. She sported everything from a bald head to blue hair, from bright red spandex to nude underwear with a cut-out dress.

2. Her shoe woo. Regardless of how flashy (and borderline tacky) her ensemble or overdone her tan, her shoe game was always on point. She rocked every thing from sky-high Bottega Veneta stilettos to patent leather Doc Martens.

3. Her do. She effortlessly pulled off a barely there mane. On top of never having a bad hair day, the trendsetter proved that you didn’t need long tresses to look feminine and fab.

4. Her body. With a body women wanted to have and men wanted to have their way with, Amber Rose never played down her curves. In fact, she almost always accentuated them – sleek catsuits, plunging necklines, body-con mini-dresses, you name it!

5. Her swag. She donned the most stylish accessory – confidence. The show-stopper  was never bashful and walked the streets of New York and Paris like they were private runways. No matter what she wore or how she wore it, she owned it!

Check out our gallery showcasing some our favorite Amber Rose looks!

— Audra E. Lorde

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