It’s never easy transitioning to a new music genre, or bouncing back from a public divorce, but for 30-year-old singer Kelis’ first album in four years, critics and fans alike expected more than 7, 833 sales in its first week.

Kelis’ ‘Flesh Tone’ album released on super music producer will.i.am’s label landed at a disappointing 46 spot on the Billboard charts.

The soulful/rocker pop singer has never really been a ruler on the charts, but her 46th spot represents an all-time low since she danced her way into the top 10 with her ‘Kelis Was Here’ effort–including radio bangers like ‘Bossy,’ ‘Blindfold Me’ and ballad duo with Cee-lo ‘Lil’ Star.’ Followers of the singer’s music have come to expect what goes along with her quirky, risque music brand. But what really happened with ‘Flesh Tone?’

Critics stateside treated her move from edgy R&B tracks to her new dance-driven sound– created by producers will.i.am, David Guetta, Jean Baptiste and Benny Benassi– with reason and fairness. The Washington Post says, “‘Flesh Tone’ is a brief but full-figured album, with a pulse that is always quickening.” The LA Times calls the album, “a spirited but disciplined set of classic Euro-club bangers.” The Telegraph from across the pond–where Kelis has her most of eager fan base– however, wasn’t so friendly calling ‘Flesh Tone’ “all image and no character” with the often redundant and irritable comparisons to Lady Gaga “An image change alone does not imply character. That has to come from the singer and the song, both of which seem to have been mislaid in the shake-up.”

But what is really at work here with Kelis’ embarrassingly lackluster album sales? Could Kelis fans be torn in the Nas, Kelis shakeup? A post by Crunk & Disorderly reveals what the people are really thinking after a new Twitter trend topic “#KELISALBUMWENT surfaced.

Here’s a few of the topic’s most telling tweets:

“#KelisAlbum Went BlackPlanet.”

“#KelisAlbumWent candy paint & wood grain”

“#KelisAlbumWent Dawn’s reply to Que’s wedding proposal”

“#KelisAlbum Went BET Black Buster Original Movie”

“#KelisAlbumWent upstairs w/ Judy Winslow & never came back down.”

Ouch! Are these tweets a representation of what the people really think about Kelis’ new sound, or is it her post-Nas drama? Has Kelis divorce drama–child support and alimony payments included tainted her album sales?

Did you purchase Kelis ‘Flesh Tone?’ Tell us why or not!

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