With talks that Tiger Woods’s ex-wife Elin Woods might be receiving $750 million as apart of her divorce settlement, folks everywhere are discussing the politics of alimony and “baby mama” pay-outs.

The latest person to hit the soapbox is singer Lyfe Jennings who speaks to Vibe about the woes of his baby mamas, yes, that would be two mothers, two sons and a girl.

Lyfe tells Vibe: “Don’t have sexual dealings with your baby mama once it’s established ya’ll not gon’ be together. Because when they want you and they got a chance, then they gon’ keep up with the nonsense and every time that they get mad about something it’s gon’ reflect with the kids.”

The singer who was arrested in 2008 after firing shots outside of the home of his child’s mother reportedly because she wouldn’t let him see their child speaks about the Nas/Kelis legal battle stating, “that ain’t cool.”

Jennings says laws should be changed to stop allowing parents to live off of child support payments.

The singer whose fourth album “I Still Believe” hits stores on August 31 shares, “I definitely want an independent woman.” He adds, “I will not support you. I will not pay your bills, I will not do that. You gotta have your own thing going on.”

Do you think child support laws should be altered? Do you think it’s unfair that some mother’s live off of child support payments?

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