With talks that Tiger Woods’s ex-wife Elin Woods might be receiving $750 million as apart of her divorce settlement, folks everywhere are discussing the politics of alimony and “baby mama” pay-outs.

The latest person to hit the soapbox is singer Lyfe Jennings who speaks to Vibe about the woes of his baby mamas, yes, that would be two mothers, two sons and a girl.

Lyfe tells Vibe: “Don’t have sexual dealings with your baby mama once it’s established ya’ll not gon’ be together. Because when they want you and they got a chance, then they gon’ keep up with the nonsense and every time that they get mad about something it’s gon’ reflect with the kids.”

The singer who was arrested in 2008 after firing shots outside of the home of his child’s mother reportedly because she wouldn’t let him see their child speaks about the Nas/Kelis legal battle stating, “that ain’t cool.”

Jennings says laws should be changed to stop allowing parents to live off of child support payments.

The singer whose fourth album “I Still Believe” hits stores on August 31 shares, “I definitely want an independent woman.” He adds, “I will not support you. I will not pay your bills, I will not do that. You gotta have your own thing going on.”

Do you think child support laws should be altered? Do you think it’s unfair that some mother’s live off of child support payments?

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  • DR

    I need perspective. If it takes $250,000 to raise a child into young adult years I will accomplish that on my salary alone as I pay the child support and have every weekend visitation. If the child should live at least as I do… he actually lives better… since I can’t pay for a similar home for myself. The child lives with me in sub standard in comparisson. Their mother cheated and left and has custody and the part time live in boyfriend, she does not work but lives off the child support, gets 1/2 the 401K and cashes out to live larger. As long as the kids have a place to live, food and shelter the system says there is no problem. Morally there is something amiss. The custodial parent lives off the child support for 6yrs now in a 2 bed room apartment in a decent neighborhood and I rent a room in a basement in a less decent neighborhood. Of course as my salary increases the custodial parent is even less motivated to work and provide child support as my contribution to child support “enables” her to continue the irresponsible behavior.
    It certainly hasn’t been reasonable but this seems to be how it all pans out in my state.

  • Steven Rhombus

    Child support laws should be legislated within the frame work of the US Constitution. Laws have been written that have far exceeded this constraint. Legislators, Judges and attorneys have ignore the letter of the law and have seized the judicial branch of the government in order to achieve personal and political agendas. For those that can not
    afford the child support specifications imposed by the family court system a jail sentence is assured. The US Constitution was written to stop all entities and/or groups from exactly what is in progress. When you listen to all the politicians talking about these documents on one hand and then enforcing child laws on the other. You have to wonder if any of these so called professionals ever read the US Constitution. That is when child support law is put right next to the US Constitution, with the latter dominate over all other laws. Many child support laws will not pass a constraint test except
    when it is politically favorable. If you doubt what I say have these laws tested as mathematical statements would be. Further by a computer, so there is no bias and void of a human factor. The results would throw the judicial system in chaos. Today’s child support laws are administered and enforced by people who believe they are above the law.

  • NotFairWhen…

    The people assume the mom is always right need to look at the situation. I live in the bible belt and I’ve waited over a year now just for a HEARING. My ex wife has not worked for two years, takes our son to school late once a week, has been diagnosed with several mood disorders, refuses to pay ANYTHING for after school care, dental, medical, or prescription costs. I pay his health/dental/eye insurance and she gets $550 a month from me. Our son is with me HALF the time and her/her parents the other half. He also has a mood disorder and she rarely shows up for Dr appointments or school meetings. He is in special education. She is crazy and says all kinds of negative things about me because he has told me. And this is fair?

    She has committed check fraud, identity theft, both against me, and called the police on more than one occassion and lied that I threatened her, etc. Be careful what you ask for ladies. The kids get the $hitty end of the deal and mine is suffering thanks to this prejudice. This is NOT justified.

    -Pissed off dad

  • Jason

    You think this is bad? I know three women who receive roughly $1,000-$2,000 a month in child support. This as you all should be aware, is money that does not have to be used to determine tax standing. Each one of these three women sit at home, do absolutely nothing to participate in their children’s lives but collect the money from the father. Almost always spend the money on themselves. To make matters worse, they all receive some sort of food stamps. To make it even worse come January, they all file their taxes and are able to receive maximum head of household Earned income credits because they all lie about doing side jobs here and there through out the year. So the mothers are able to sit all the time, collect the non taxed CS and then are able to steal money from the tax payers in Jan/Feb for another 7-10k depending on how many children they have and how much they claim that they made.

    To make matters worse, I know this one mother who is no longer straight, but a lesbian. Her and her girlfriend are “double dipping” this whole scenario. The mother who receives CS came up with the idea to get herself pregnant via the use of a male friend and an instead cup. So now the two “lesbian girlfriends” receive separate food stamps and they also receive separate tax credits. This may not sound like much to someone who works there a$$es off for what they have, yet if one does the math, that can add up to a lot of “free” money.

    We live in a very sick society. Especially where the government allows certain women to be able to manipulate the system. I am in fact in no way putting any hard working women down in the least, just women who take severe advantage of a system that is indeed in need of definite changes. If these types of women are allowed to steal money from the tax payers like they are doing, then what is next?

    Its OK though. One day these types of women will no longer be able to manipulate the system and use their dependents as money makers and then the money will no longer be there for them. They will have no career status, definitely no retirement fund of any kind. So I guess the joke will truly be on them. These type of women make me sick.


    Is a woman a “deadbeat mom” if she gets an abortion? No that’s PROCHOICE. But if a man refuses to be financially raped by the system by the — it’s in the best interest of the child slogan… he’s a “deadbeat” dad.

    In a gender neutral society how does alimony and child support still exist? Everyone screaming how independent they are depending on child support, the state, and alimony for their lifestyle. If we’re co-parenting then that what it is a 50/50 split on real child expenses tracked by Visa debit cards.

    Does any court do the math over 18 years because child support is more than the average home in America. TAX FREE 150k -250k court ordered awards but since it’s not counted as income I still get to double-up and be eligible for child tax credits that the non-custodial(father) parent who’s doing the same thing is not eligible for.

    And wait there’s more. I can give myself raise, ruin this person credit history, wage garnishments, intercept tax returns, deny passports & diver licenses, and place a person in debtors prison. Where’s the upside in all this? You get to maybe see your kids every other weekend.

    Sounds like financial slavery to me because if it’s really about the money give custody to the fathers since society have shown what great jobs single moms have been doing by the statistics. The bar is low.