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  • Nikki

    I hate Eric Roberson for making me love him so much more every. single. time.
    What a great twist to this video seeing as though I’ve always listened to the song as a “break-up” song and not played out as in the video.
    So sad… made me all teary-eyed & emo. *sigh*

  • Crystal

    This was nice, I really liked it, but why does someone always have to die!!!!!!!!

  • Candigirlindmv

    Eric could sing the ABC song, and it would sound good. I just love me some him. I saw him a couple of years ago for the first time and can’t get enough of him now. Such an great undervauled artist!

  • embey

    great (lyrics + vocal + music comp) x message = amazing. Love him soo much!!

  • Shelley B

    WOW, that was beautiful…I’m a 27 year old sista currently going thru chemo and that really touched my heart…Erro definitely brought an issue to surface that effects more than you realize…beautiful