I’ve often joked in the past when I was a student that if my rent, food and car note was sponsored, I’d promise to do something fly with my life. Well, SponsorMyDegree.com, a company that makes it possible for students and graduates to receive free money for college tuition and student loans (I don’t know about the rest) through micro-sponsorships is not a joke.

Membership with SponsorMyDegree.com is free, and anyone from family and friends to caring companies can sponsor as much as they want or as little as five dollars. Once you’ve accumulated at least twenty dollars in your account, SponsorMyDegree.com will pay the money to your tuition or student loan accounts directly. This method gives sponsors the assurance that their contributions will be used for educational purposes only. You don’t have to currently be enrolled in a college or university to become a member, but SponsorMyDegree.com will verify your enrollment status or graduation before monies can be paid toward your expenses.

Since everyone and their mommas, literally, are on Facebook, you can promote your Sponsor My Degree profile, and encourage people to sponsor you.

Check out SponsorMyDegree.com and learn more. And yeah, no sponsorship for rent and food. I double checked.

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