Simon Cowell and Ellen Degeneres have officially left the ‘American Idol’ judging table. Now a report confirms Jennifer Lopez will sit behind the infamous table on the popular talent show.

Deadline.com reports Jennifer Lopez will officially replace Ellen Degeneres, who had a short stint with the show this year.

Benny Medina, Lopez’s longtime off and on manager scheduled a meeting with ‘Idol’ producers in June, and negotiations have been underway since. The deal closed this week, and now J.Lo will teach America’s talents how to become stars. Are you excited?

No confirmation on who will replace Simon Cowell.

Rumors have been flying around naming Justin Timberlake and Elton John as potential Cowell replacements. Diddy even threw his name into the pool, with no return offer.

Who do you think should sit with J.Lo at the ‘American Idol’ judge table?

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  • Alexandra

    I’m happy for her. I wanna see her in more movies though.

  • Star

    I’m happy for JLO too but she’s not the best singer so I hope she chooses people that sing well!

  • Yolanda

    J Lo is my girl and this is a good move for her. Make that money Jennifer!

    • I agree. This will do some good for her career, well not career but $$$ and exposure wise. she’s not the best singer and I’ll stop there. go JLO!

  • I like Jennifer Lopez and Paula Abdul..they’ve had a few good hits…but why did American Idol choose someone who clearly can’t even compete with any of the contestants on the stage…neither one of the ladies had a great voice…idk…I just find it strange.

  • alrightnow

    ppl will watch – mainly guys cause they wanna c her assets.. i hope she can pick ppl that can blow.. she couldn’t but i still like her..