African-inspired prints continues with Koko Celeste’s summer 2010 collection. But for Koko, her inspiration for Africa–and West Africa in particular– is no trend.

An indie designer based in Brooklyn, Koko Ntuen’s Nigerian roots drives her love for vibrant textiles and clothes we can all dance in.

Koko’s summer collection is inspired by friendship, summer days and summer nights. The photo shoot–more a photo-narrative was photographed by Diego Hugo telling the story of two friends, “aware and adventurous women” who have a blast from the beach to the rooftop–including a cameo from their best friend Matt.

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Commenting on her latest collection Koko tells COCO & CREME, “I really like old vintage 1970’s pictures and attitudes so the line also leans toward a ‘they would wear this in the 70’s’ vibe.” Giving C+C the exclusive deets from collection’s story-driven shoot, Koko says, “There was blueberry, and coconut scones, home made potato salad, sparkling water, and Stevie Wonder on the radio.”

Koko plans to build on this story line with her Fall collection.

–Geneva S. Thomas

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Photographer : Diego Hugo
Photo Assist: JM
Stylist: Allison Conway + Koko Ntuen
Hair and Makeup: Longhitano
Models: Wolfe Knight, Christine and Matt

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