We’ll its certainly in her genes. Selah, daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley takes to YouTube to sing a cover of Justin Beiber’s “Up.” 12-year-old Selah says on her page, “I want to sign to Island Records so badly and do a duet with Justin Bieber! I’m afraid to ask my mom to sign me and she’s already signed!” The budding singer has a slew of uploaded videos showing her pipes over tracks by Beiber– she is clearly a big fan! Selah is too cute, and with some growth, and nourishment she might give her mom a run for her money one day!

Check out Selah singing in the clip below:

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  • She sounds like a cat being strangled. Maybe a few years and a vocal coach later she could hold a note but until then she needs to stay away from youtube and keep the singing for the shower.

    • Akai*

      “Cat being strangled?” Waahaahaahaahaa.

      Sorry, but, I’m gonna take the “if ya can’t say something nice….” way out.

      However, didn’t her mom, Lauryn, either lose on Star Search or get booed off the Apollo stage back in the day?

      Maybe there’s hope for lil Selah!

  • Monzi

    Video deleted…. wonder why? Lauryn and her privacy issues strike again!

    • Kasandra

      actually I follow her dad on twitter & someone brought it up to him how she tweets alot, and he said he was going to do something about it! On her YT page she had it listed as 20 years old…. she’s too young!

    • ~Miss Jae~

      What’s the name of her Youtube page?

    • ~Miss Jae~

      What’s the name of her Youtube page? I’m searching on YT & I can’t find her.

    • Kasandra

      @miss jae

      the way he put it, he was going to get her to get rid of it!

    • ~Miss Jae~

      Aww…I was looking forward to looking at some of her covers! :-(

  • lilkunta

    The vid is gne from YT. This website has it bc they copy the vid to their servers. Here it is : http://imnotjaded.com/2010/07/18/lauryn-hill%E2%80%99s-daughter-selah-marley-sings-on-youtube/

  • Video deleted….Well, I saw it on the other link, thanks Lilkunta.

    Honestly, if I had a daughter that age, there is no way I would have her on Youtube or any other video site. So, I can why the video was deleted.

    Her voice, with some voice training I am sure she would be an excellent singer because I can hear it.

    Anyway, the gushing video at Justin, I just couldn’t watch it all, personally.

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