Just when you thought mainstream media was demystefied of the age-old big but, they prove to us all, yet again, light makes it right.

According to the New York Daily News, big butts are this summer’s hottest trend. And whose back sides accompanies the headline? None other than “Armenian Princess” Kim Kardashian and 40-year-old actress-singer Jennifer Lopez. With honorable mentions of Serena Williams and Beyonce in the periphery.

The story reads: “Not since Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 hit “Baby Got Back” has so much praise been paid to the posterior.”

Ummm, but for who? I know some dudes on Fulton who jump up and down every time my girls and I walk pass.

The author attempts to dilute the hype a bit, quoting Stylesight trend analyst Sharon Graubard. “African American and Latino culture have long respected a larger bum. We have all these Brazilian models, and as our population becomes more diverse, we’re appreciating different body parts that are different than the puritanical American roots. In Brazil, it’s been all about the butt.”

Hmmm…Different than the puritanical American roots?

Yet again, and sadly, these trend reports prove Black bodies remain outside the European aesthetic code. Our bodies are deconstructed, cut up like a slab of dead meat and hoisted as national hors d’oeuvres for the world to pick at. We are never the main dish. Or do we even want to be?

Black bodies, big butts, big lips and noses included, built America. And still, we are aliened in our own home.

What do you think about “summer’s new trend?” Sound off!

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