Sparkling ocean, long stretches of beach, and the warm sugar-like sand of Miami can affordably be the backdrop of your daily life, now that it’s possible for young renters to lease low-cost luxurious digs. Posh pads meant to be second homes for the affluent that were built during the time of the big real estate bust, are now being rented at low rates to young professionals while property owners wait for the market conditions to improve. And that could take years.

With the many bistros offering¬† fine cuisine, the sexy nightlife known to many, and a population of young professionals growing , Miami could be more than just a hot spot for a fabulous getaway. It’s quickly becoming an attractive relocation choice.

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  • julienne

    Their job market isn’t appealing to young professionals. Personally, I can never call Miami home.

    • I could not agree more. The job market is saturated and the good jobs are at a standstill until the older ppl whom occupy them retire. I could never call Miami home either, and if you’re single and want to settle down…forget it. That is one place I would never live if I were married…temptation is a mutha…

      But, its a GREAT vacation spot.

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  • Im like Tracie – its a great place to live if youre single and on the move. But its still a romantic place to visit and play :-)

  • Ingrid

    I cant agree. Im a Miami native. I currently live here and the way you strive here is how you would strive in any other job market. Miami doesn’t just hand out a live for you. The passionate seek here and they find. Ive been offered five jobs in the past year and took an internship. if youre just average Miami’s not the place. Only those who thrive get bye.