InventorSpot has the deets on a new device, The Kush made to support the breast during sleep. The health gadget could be especially helpful to women with ‘C’ cups or larger, which can add strain to the back and shoulders.

The Kush is a lightweight plastic material coated with a “non-slip” outside layer designed to keep the device nestled in place.

The device is also said to be useful to women with recent breast surgery (reduction or enhancements), and to women who are pregnant or nursing.

The Kush is available for purchase now for $24.99.

Would you use The Kush?

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  • C. Johnson

    I’m a D cup and under normal circumstances, I don’t think I would try this device. Maybe if I were pregnant or nursing or had surgery depending on what kind of problems I was experiencing.

  • binky

    haha…I have a large chest and I can’t imagine sleeping with that thing in between my boobs but I see where they are going with because even when we sleep gravity takes a toll on our boobs too just because you are laying down doesn’t mean it is not getting affected. To balance it out I try to sleep with a tank that has a self bra made into it