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  • H E Nii Amu First-Quao

    ……and while all the black men from inside and outside Africa were living a Soccer World Cup below their potential and expectation(six African teams, the Black Legion of France, a lone black woman was winning Wimbledon for a record fifth time unnoticed and uncelebrated but fulfilling our destiny far from the mother continent.
    Viva Serena!

    • daphne

      It is her fourth Wimbledon title not the fifth.

    • Clnmike

      Seriously what was the point of that?

  • ebenezer first-quao

    I’m already celebrating her fifth Wimbledon Title (which will come years before we black men can claim the 2014 soccer World Cup trophy in Rio) so thanks for the information, Daphne.

  • I love Serena so much, and I love her style, but she has got to let these wigs and weaves go. They are never looking very good.

    I know it’s been a rough week, but she can do better than this right?
    Other than that, I love her outfit, and the makeup is on fire.

  • chillchic

    She looks pretty.

  • Alexandra

    Nice! I’m happy for her.