Shirley Sherrod, the Black female federal agriculture official who was forced to resign on July 19 after conservative blogger Andrew Brietbart posted a heavily edited and misleading segment of her larger speech given at a March 2010 NAACP event has plans to sue Brietbart.

On Thursday at the National Association of Black Journalists Conference currently being held in San Diego, Sherrod stated that her experiences will offer a new opportunity for a discussion about race in America.

“If the suffering I’ve endured and the joy I’ve felt gets that discussion back out there, we’ve got to deal with it,” says Sherrod.

Sherrod says the White House is allowing vocal conservative journalists and bloggers to “decide how to govern.” But when asked if she’s upset with the NAACP, who denounced her before viewing the entire video, Sherrod said, “It’s not about me. It’s about us and all we have to accomplish.”

The 62-year-old activist announced she will sue Breitbart for misrepresentation. Sherrod said that hhe has yet to apologize, and she actually doesn’t want one.


See Sherrod’s speech in its entirety here:

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