According to a new study reported by The Daily Express, a woman will change her hair more than 100 times. Sounds crazy? Well, consider if you’re ages 18-30, and in that time, you’ve gone from relaxed, natural, and then back to straight on Tuesday. *smile* In between that, your fro-ing it, curling, twisting, and blowing out to a bob. Well, like me, you’ll easily reach well over 100 hair styles before menopause.

Hairdresser Andrew Collinge performed the cool study–revealing most women “just want a change.” The findings show women try out different colors, with one in four changing shades five times. One in 10 women even had 10 or more colors. Yea, you know your girl from back home changes from Kool Aid red to spicy orange like weekly.

Offering insight on the reason why women switch up our do’s so often the stylist says, “a new hairstyle can help a woman through a life-changing event, either by making her feel better about herself after breaking up with a partner or to celebrate reaching a big birthday.”

And just for debate, I’d be willing to bet if this study was performed on Black women exclusively, that number would double. We haven’t even got on the topics of weaves. Ha!

How many times have you changed your hair so far?

Have you ever changed your style because of a break up, or a major life-changing event? Did it make you feel better? Share your hair stories!


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