Now that summer is entirely here, you might find yourself slipping into vacation mode when there’s work to do. Taking a break from your job search; one that has been going on for more than a few months now may sound like a good idea.  But the thing is, you can still put in work meeting up for cocktails on Friday, attending your family reunion and hitting up some of the cities hottest festivals at the same time.

Here are some tips for staying on top of your game while  having fun too!

Business and Pleasure
You can’t expect to effectively accomplish a whole lot when you’re preoccupied with the great outdoors. So go ahead, get out and have some fun. Networking is about building relationships, and the best way to start building relationships is to mix and mingle with people. In this case, it’s okay to mix business with pleasure because this is partying with a purpose. So accept those invitations for cocktails, barbecues, weddings and other fun summer soirees. You never know who you’ll meet or who may lead you to your next job opportunity.

Succeeding While Others are Sleeping
Believe it or not, some people do hang-up their job search efforts for the summer. The good thing about this is that it decreases the competition, and increases your chances of getting hired. So keep it moving.

Do a Little Bit Everyday
The warm weather offers a lot of temptation, and when the sound of summer comes creeping through your window, it’s easy to get sidetracked from what’s most important. One way to keep yourself focused is to make a list of weekly or monthly goals, and assign yourself small, daily objectives to help you reach those goals. Following-up with one job, writing a cover letter for another or setting up a coffee date with an old colleague you ran into at a friend’s 4th of July cookout–who is now the hiring manager for a great company–are all things that can be done quickly and don’t have to take an entire day to do.

Be Patient
If things seem to be moving slower to you, be patient. If you haven’t heard anything from a contact you’re wanting to connect with, or the phone call for a position you hope you’re chosen to fill, wait a little longer before following up. This is vacation season, and decision makers want to soak up some sun too.

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