Now that the break-up rumors are nearly official and Amber Rose was spotted with Reggie Bush twice, even childishly tweeting at Kim Karsashian–or her nail-biting pick-a-fight for fame– we can’t wait to see who’s got next on the arm of Yezzy. But this isn’t merely for spectacle, we really care folks. We wanna see Kanye with someone he can trust. A woman who can compliment his sporadic genius and snatch away the Hennessy bottle when needed. And my God, have that star-studded wedding during Paris Fashion Week in a stunning Tom Ford already!

Yezzy has always opted for the obscure chick on a come-up, sans Alexis Phifer. Perhaps it’s time he truly met his match. Yes?

Here’s our top picks for Kanye! Take notes Yezzy!

1. Janelle Monae
Talk about a style splash! Can’t you just see these two artists bouncing ideas off each other and sharing tuxedos? Janelle Monae is gorgeous, artistic and a respected celebrity in her own right, but humble enough to leave the diva antics to Kanye.

2. Shingai Shoniwa
That’s right Ye’, go international! You spend enough time in London, why not date a true Londoner? Shingai Shoniwa, the front girl of indie rock band Noisettes offers Kanye that worldly energy he seems to be always chasing. Complimenting Kanye with her quirky and afro-punk ways, we think Shingai is just the kind of chick to keep Kanye in check!

3. Genevieve Jones
New York socialite and accessories designer Genevieve Jones would be uber perfect for Yezzy. The rapper’s fascination with high-end haute couture and the good life would give them loads of pillow talk and can’t you just see their cutesy smiling pictures together?

4. Fefe Dobson
Fefe is the closet Kanye could get to Rihanna without Jay-Z ripping his head off and the occasional sighting of Chris Brown peaking through the bushes of their ultra swanky villa. Except Fefe is the real thing! This super cute rocker gives punk authenticity with a musical career ripe enough for Kanye to mold on some love meets mentorship ish!

5. Kelly Rowland
Oh come on! You know you would live for every second of it! Kelly Rowland is our ultimate match up for the ‘Flashing Lights’ Don. A brilliant way to send Kelly’s solo career soaring and the stalkarazi wouldn’t get enough! The couple could vacay on hidden global islands with the Carters. Kelly could sing a melodic hook on the remix of ‘Power’, and it’s something about the former DC3 member’s wholesome southern charm that could possibly make the late Dr. Donda West proud. Kanye make Kelly your commmmmaaannnnndddeeeeerrrrr!

Who’s your vote for Kanye West’s new girl? Take our poll or suggest another girlie!

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