Is your hair stopping you from getting the body you want? Are the gym, yoga studio and local pool forbidden places because you’re afraid of sweating out your beloved do?

Well, using your whipped tresses as an excuse not to stay fit is no longer permissible.

CLUTCH caught up with Cesar Ramirez, master stylist to starlets like Cassie, Kerry Washington and Eve!

For natural, curly and relaxed hair types try Cesar’s tips & product suggestions for healthy & sweat-free hair!

Before you hit the gym, pin up your hair loosely off your face so that it has room to breathe.

After your workout, spray Tigi Rochaholic Dry Shampoo to absorb the hair’s oil and for a fresh scent.

If swimming is a part of your workout, apply a little conditioner like Hair Rules Curly Whip to block your hair from absorbing pool chemicals.

After a dip in the pool, apply a little of Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk to the ends of hair to diffuse and reactivate the curls.

For you ladies with perms, don’t forget your trusty cotton headband to absorb the sweat. Keep in mind the salt from sweat can cause extra dryness. Grab a pack of colorful headbands by Goody at your local drugstore.

During your work out, opt for a light pin-up or loose ponytail. Tight ponytails leaves nears permanent dents and little room for the hair to breathe.

The less shampooing the better. If you must wash your hair, be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo like Biolage Colorcareth√©rapie Delicate Care Shampoo. After your wash, try a little of Motion’s Marula Natural Therapy Hair & Scalp Oil to restore moisture and fragrance to your hair.

Do you fear working out to protect your hair? Try these tips! Let us know if you find them helpful!

For more info on Cesar, check out his impressive portfolio. Be sure to follow Cesar on Twitter!

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  • I love the direction in which the article is heading, and i understand clutch is not a hair mag, but i need more! this is always my concern, the decision of working out and looking tacky at the head or skipping the workout…and skipping the workout usually wins. my body can’t take it! can you lead me in the direction of more tips for products and styles? please and thank you!!

  • tae

    ditto jante!

  • MGFB

    I don’t care! I have a relaxer and I try to run 5 days out the week and with a hat. My hair is not an issue. I just come back home and do ‘it again and get it straight as possible again. I loooove exercise and being fit to let something like hair stop me.

    So many people use that as an excuse.

  • Cali

    SCARF… that is all! If you sweat the scarf out while working out, put a dry one on before you hit the shower. Your hair will be back to normal by the time you dress & put your face on.

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