Vogue Africa Rejected by Condé Nast
Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya used his artistic talent to draft several models for his Vogue Africa project–a campaign that used fictional covers to depict the magazine’s potential. Epanya argued that the magazine would be an homage to African women and promote the development of African fashion. (Continue Reading…)

I Am Not My Curves: Why We’re Mad at Booty Mania
When Jennifer Lopez wore that Donatella Versace palm-print silk chiffon dress to the 2000 Grammy’s Award, the fashion media went nuts. Big butts slowly became less a sight of aesthetic contention. Through much of her career–her movies, music videos, stage performances and red carpets alike, J.Lo continues to be praised for her shapely lines. It ultimately took a Puerto Rican chick from the Bronx to make what Black women have long been berated for fashionable. (Continue Reading…)

Model Muse: Georgie Badiel
Name: Georgie Badiel

Age: 22

Height: 5’10”

Measurements: 32.5-24.5-35.5

Agency: Muse, Storm London (Continue Reading…)

5 Reasons Amber Rose Was Such A Big Deal in Fashion
The exotic dancer-turned-video vixen and model stepped onto the scene in 2009 and garnered much buzz for her relationship with rapper Kanye West and bold fashion risks. You either loved her or hated her. Regardless of how you felt, there’s no doubt she got your attention. While she may not be making headlines these days, here’s why she never failed to turn heads… (Continue Reading…)

Weaves 101: Ten Tips Your Stylist Won’t Tell You
For years I swore off the neighborhoods I grew up in. I was cautioned about them as a child and as a young adult I felt no different. A recent (and reluctant) visit, however, revealed the once crime-infested streets had completely transformed.) (Continue Reading…)

C+C & BGLH Discussion: Natural Hair Equals Slave Hair?
In college I didn’t know what my real hair looked like. That’s because it spent 90% of the time in braid extensions. I kept them in for months at a time and had developed a strategic timetable for when to take them down. (Continue Reading…)

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  • Chilly

    I was just like to say thank you thank you thank you thank you! I have been waiting for the launch ever since you guys posted it. There aren’t many primarily fashion/beauty platforms available for Black Women in print magazines nor online blog sites, and if they are, they always look suspect. There was a print magazine a long time ago, I think it was called Suede, but it disappeared. Anywho, thank you for providing a quality product I truly look forward to not only on Mondays, but every single day, and I am sure Coco & Creme will provide me with the same enthusiasm.

    Besos y Deuces
    Alexz Chilly =)

  • Congratulations on the launch of COCO & CREME. I look reading every week!! :-)

  • margaret

    ugh ive been waiting for coco & creme to be launch for sooo long so im excited.