Relationship Habits That Grown Men Should Avoid
Somewhere inside a man’s condo, there’s a 50-inch plasma that overlooks a Xbox 360 console and video games. Madden 10, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil 5 and NBA 2k10 are on rotation constantly. With this, there’s a woman who is feeling neglected, and is pissed as a result. (Continue Reading…)

White Girl Regret
There are all kinds of Black men who walk around with vanilla arm candy. There’s the one with a sambo-wide smile, proud as a peacock to have a flaxen-haired, porcelain-skinned goddess by his side for the singular fact that she is just that. (Continue Reading…)

Down Low Sistas
We can thank R. Kelly for igniting the proverbial flame under mainstream society asses, courtesy of his over-the-top “Trapped in the Closet” made-for-daytime-television, mini-movie video series. The soap opera-esque docu-drama exposed the secret lives of men in a rare form like no other. (Continue Reading…)

The Baby Blues
I’m young, single and still partying…so why is my biological clock buzzing? My body has been ready to have a baby since I was 12 (well, maybe not my entire body, but the part that plays the most active role). I’ve always been maternal; as a little girl, I would choose baby dolls over jump rope in a heartbeat, which is why I never learned how to do that whole double dutch thing (really, two ropes?) (Continue Reading…)

Demystifying Gentrification
For years I swore off the neighborhoods I grew up in. I was cautioned about them as a child and as a young adult I felt no different. A recent (and reluctant) visit, however, revealed the once crime-infested streets had completely transformed.) (Continue Reading…)

Female Bosses: Tougher than Necessary?
When I was but a young pup in the working world, fresh out of college with no concrete plans but about $85,000 worth of post-secondary book smarts, my church offered me a super-duper entry-level job working in their cultural center. (Continue Reading…)

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