Actress Tracee Ellis Ross has been reportedly tapped by BET for a new original comedy series. The 37-year-old former ‘Girlfriends’ star will produce and star in a pilot called ‘Reed Between The Lines.’

According to Eurweb, Ross will portray a Dr. Carla Reed, “a busy psychiatrist, wife, and mom struggling to balance her job, and her happy but chaotic home life.”

The actress will be co-producer to the show along with Arthur Harris. The new BET pilot was written by Kellie Griffin.

Production is scheduled to begin in Atlanta on August 11.

BET has also added Queen Latifah’s production ‘Let’s Stay Together’ and a fresh new season of ‘The Game.’

Could BET make a comeback? Will you tune into Ross’ new show?

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  • Araba

    Having a Tom Cruise moment (Jumping up an down on my couch)!!! Since the unfinished season of Girlfriends got jacked by the “writer’s strike” I’ve been waiting on this.
    I will definitely be tuning in. Maybe BET is making a comeback, to finally representing all facets of black culture. Not all of us are a hot mess.

  • steelecity

    Get to check that delicious booty once again…

  • Dwayne Bell

    I will not watch the new shows because no black people live anywhere but in Atlanta,,,Atlanta’s black community is nothing but a carbon copy of other cities. I’ve been to a Atlanta and still haven’t seen it’s midtown overflowing with black people like other cities. Black Atlanta is not in Fulton County but on the outskirts of the city who lable themselves at being in Atlanta…..

    • Tiffany

      So…you do you LIVE in Atlanta…or have you VISITED Atlanta?? Because Atlanta does have a lot of black people…but it’s just one city. Just like College Park. Decatur. Duluth. Alpharetta. Stone Mountain. Marietta. And if you want to travel outside of I-285…there’s Augusta, Athens, Conyers….so again. Do you LIVE there or have you VISITED?? I’m really confused by your comment…..*scratches head*

  • On the strength of Tracee Ellis Ross I’ll DEFINITELY be watching this. I’M STILL SALTY ABOUT THE CANCELLATION OF GIRLFRIENDS, BEST SHOW EVER!!! Haven’t had a favorite show since (well The Game came close, but then that got cancelled too). So, the market is wide open for a new favorite as I refuse to watch TV that much anymore.