From Black Voices — The recent immigration law in Arizona has led to both controversy and immediate, undeniable impact. The law gives authorities in the state the right to check documentation of anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. It is now being reported that since the law’s creation, over tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have left the state of Arizona.

Anti-immigration measures enacted over the past several years were designed to push over 400,000 undocumented laborers out of the state of Arizona. This is the latest such measure, after another was passed three years ago requiring companies to check a worker’s status against a federal database.

The state of Arizona is known for being a highway of human trafficking and drug smuggling into the United States. The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, signed the bill into law after spikes in violence related to illegal immigration. In spite of massive protests, polls show that the majority of Americans and Arizona citizens are in agreement with the law.

Those who oppose the law say that it opens the door for serious racial profiling problems. President Obama’s administration has filed a suit against the state to oppose the act. Recent events in Arizona have pushed the issue of immigration reform to the top of President Obama’s agenda.

Another complication of the law is that it jeopardizes the freedom of those who are here legally but associated with illegal immigrants. Anyone transporting an undocumented citizen is also subject to arrest. This has put most of the Hispanic community in Arizona on high alert.

The Arizona immigration law creates a long list of future complications for our country. On one hand, the apparent success of the law is likely going to lead other states to replicate it. Many of the undocumented workers in Arizona are planning to leave for other states across the country, whose leaders might be fearful of the crime that some argue is connected to undocumented residents.

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