From Black Voices — The recent immigration law in Arizona has led to both controversy and immediate, undeniable impact. The law gives authorities in the state the right to check documentation of anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. It is now being reported that since the law’s creation, over tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have left the state of Arizona.

Anti-immigration measures enacted over the past several years were designed to push over 400,000 undocumented laborers out of the state of Arizona. This is the latest such measure, after another was passed three years ago requiring companies to check a worker’s status against a federal database.

The state of Arizona is known for being a highway of human trafficking and drug smuggling into the United States. The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, signed the bill into law after spikes in violence related to illegal immigration. In spite of massive protests, polls show that the majority of Americans and Arizona citizens are in agreement with the law.

Those who oppose the law say that it opens the door for serious racial profiling problems. President Obama’s administration has filed a suit against the state to oppose the act. Recent events in Arizona have pushed the issue of immigration reform to the top of President Obama’s agenda.

Another complication of the law is that it jeopardizes the freedom of those who are here legally but associated with illegal immigrants. Anyone transporting an undocumented citizen is also subject to arrest. This has put most of the Hispanic community in Arizona on high alert.

The Arizona immigration law creates a long list of future complications for our country. On one hand, the apparent success of the law is likely going to lead other states to replicate it. Many of the undocumented workers in Arizona are planning to leave for other states across the country, whose leaders might be fearful of the crime that some argue is connected to undocumented residents.

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  • thirdeye

    This is one of those questions that distracts folks from real issues (look up the word scapegoat!). Anybody who supports this shit is short sighted and has probally never imagined the tables being turned. I kinda understand the whole “they took our jobs” attitude but this is Arizona. The same state that’s taking Ethnic Studies out the schools (!!!) and refused to make MLK day a holiday over a decade ago.

    And people (esp. ppl of color) who argue that officers aren’t going to go on a witchhunt for “aliens”, since SB1070 prohibits officers to stop people solely to ask for proof of citizenship, are way too damn gullible. It’s against the law tell officers not the discriminate but we all know folks (esp Black males) who get stopped, pulled over, etc for some stupid shit or because they “fit the description” for whatever gotdamn reason.

    Divide & Conquer is their motto and I refuse to play in supporting the oppresion of another group for superficial and selfish reasons.

  • Akai*

    Certain areas (i.e. California, Utah, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico etc.) used to be Mexican territory, so I can understand how some of them feel they’re occupying their own turf. Anyway, this Arizona law was nothing but legalized profiling and just vile.

    What is it that would cause a cop to “suspect” someone of being an undocumented worker and not an American whose ancestors have been on this soil for probably longer than his. Appearance? Beeep…won’t work. Language? Still won’t work as both my parents speak with very heavy accents and there are many just like them.

    On the other hand, these people know the law and that they’re breaking it. Immigration reform is long overdue, but illegal immigrants have been in this country because businesses wanted them. Businesses love cheap labor and Americans love being able to buy a cheap head of lettuce.

    But illegal is illegal; they can be a drain on resources and, unfortunately, there is a criminal element that always comes with immigrants. My hope is that they go through the proper channels/procedures, learn English and become citizens if that is their desire.

  • Ebony

    I think it is disgusting that black people think the treatment that Latinos have to face and put up with is in any way okay and of benefit to us. That is complete bullshit. If we sit up here trying to preach civil rights, then we better be preaching for everyone. We like to talk about the hypocrisy in the Tea Party movement…well what about us? We can’t expect anyone to come to our defense if we are selfish and leave people hanging in their time of need.

    I was friends with illegal immigrants in school and I know their families. They are good people who are smart and have something to offer this country. They are hard workers, which is more than I can say about the black bums who loiter on my street corner. And you know what, these people are not taking jobs away from black people. Would you like to pick apples for $2/hour. How bout paint a house all day for $7/hour Yeah…didn’t think so. Black people need to focus on creating their own jobs and stop relying on the scraps that society leaves for us.

    • nope

      i agree w/u about “Black people need to focus on creating their own jobs and stop relying on the scraps that society leaves for us.”

      but the rest of your comment give us all a break.. Illegal is Illegal.. That’s the part that many ppl are not grasping here.. No one is saying that all hispanics have to go but the Illegal ones should.. and hispanics are not the only Illegals in this country.. lets be clear about that and they assess need to go also.. the more illegals here the more they take away from the americans that are here legally..

  • This country is going down the tubes, truly sad to watch…