You can call him lame, wack or even homoerotic. But Old Spice front man Isaiah Mustafa does it for us! He’s not the man we wanna smell like, he’s the man we want our 600+ thread count sheets to smell like!

The funny man–with his Shakespearean like monologues became a pop culture sensation nearly overnight. His commercials for the 76-year-old Old Spice brand has nearly taken over our television screens, and YouTube with loads of video parodies.

But this cutie is more than a cologne pusher. 36-year-old Mustafa is Arizona State University alum, a trained actor and a former wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. He even spent time playing abroad in Barcelona for NFL Europe, and owned a restaurant in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue.

Mustafa’s new found fame has reportedly earned him a new talent deal with NBC.

We can’t wait to see more of him! “Mustafa!” “Oooohhh, say it again!” “Mustafaaaaa!!!!!!” Like Old Spice, we equally heart Lion King.

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